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Welcome to simply explained, the only place on the Internet to find the simple answers to those tricky questions. Simply explained combines the knowledge of a network of experts in different subjects, worldwide, and brings them together in one place – www.simplyexplained.com to answer your questions.

For the experts at simply explained, the emphasis is not on proving how clever they are, but in answering your question as simply and clearly as possible so that not only do you get an answer, but you get one which you can understand!

So whether you want to know the best way to bake a Victoria sponge, where to find Jupiter in the night sky or how to fix your computer, simply explained has a network of qualified experts that can help. Why not ask a question now?

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Space & Astronomy

Words, like glasses, obscure everything which they do not make clear. - Joseph Joubert


Users feedback


I would like to say how useful your site has been to me. I recently asked a question about a poem that I was given by a guy while I was in a book shop. As he had left out the first two lines I just couldn't trace who wrote it, or what it was called. I asked the question and the next day I had all the information I wanted (plus a new poets work to explore) thanks to a super guy who knew it well!

I've asked for Latin translations, because my Latin is rusty and had an answer straight away. I have learnt so much from those answers on site.

Well done everyone, what a super idea!

My thanks also to all who take time to look at and answer my questions.

Thanks again, Rhea


I am a very new visitor to your site. So far the thing I like best is that several answers are often available to a single question. Not that the answers are necessarily fundamentally different from each other, but that different styles of giving the same answer are offered. Even though I've only looked at the answers to a few questions, I already feel additionally illuminated by contrasting ways of thinking about something, even by an elegant way of giving an answer that had already been given clumsily. Annie G.


Why use SimplyExplained?

If you like the personal touch and like original and interesting answers that you can understand you have come to the right place. To explain something simply is a lot harder than to explain something complicated. We believe it takes an expert with a great understanding of his/her subject to be able to do this. The experts here are willing to help others to gain a greater understanding of the things they are not familiar with.

So if you have any questions on anything..then ask away!

If you have any comments you would like to share email me

and we will show them here.


A fun and informative website for the Layman, Enthusiast and Professional alike !

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