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#2: Solid, ESP32, Vaccine manufacturing

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In this issue, I’ll share my latest work, and point you towards interesting stuff I found online.


Latest video

In the latest Simply Explained video, I take a look at Solid. A new kind of web that aims to fix our issues with online privacy.

It was started by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web. He wants to give us back control of our personal data.

How? By putting all your data in a single place that’s under your control.

New ESP32 content!

The ESP32 remains my favorite microcontroller because it’s so versatile. I’ve published some new tutorials for it:

Cool Stuff I Found on the Internet

Why Is This Flower on Wikipedia Suddenly Getting 90 Million Hits Per Day?

A picture of a flower was causing Wikipedia some headaches. It normally received a few hundred hits per day, but suddenly spiked to 90 million! Turns out, it was a popular app in India that caused these requests. The issue has been fixed, but it’s fun to read through the investigation at Wikipedia’s side.

Making Vaccine

Could you make your own COVID19 vaccine? Apparently, yes! This guy ordered everything he needs to create his own vaccine and tested it out.

It’s based on the open-source RaDVaC vaccine (which theoretically allows everyone to make their own). Interesting read!

Myths of Vaccine Manufacturing

In Europe, vaccine production & deliveries are a mess. Some people suggested that this is caused by the pharmaceutical industry keeping their “recipes” secret. They say companies should open their recipes so everyone can produce vaccines.

As it turns out, it’s not that simple. This article walks us through how mRNA vaccines are made and what that means for the supply chain.

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