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Mr shuki shuki
What is the best way to improve my handwriting?

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Miss ashley hanley
My ex defaulted on his child support (court order) and hasn't paid since 1991. We were unable to serve him a warrant as we had no address. He worked under a false id and then as self employed although he only filed one years a/c's at companies house. I am now pursuing a charging order against his property. But the original order (which could not be varied as he could not be served) was for a pittance (in today's terms). Can I ask for more than the original order x 52 x 15 years ?

question found in Family Law

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Ms M Lewis
Looking at the Landfill directive targets they keep mentioning the level of waste sent to landfill in 1995, but what was the level in 1995?

question found in Technology In General

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