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Ms Colleen McGrath
How long does it take to refinance a home?

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Miss Yellow River
Dear Sir,

Recently, many large "liquid crystal displayer" put on the wall of buildings as tall as 10 floors large. However, the most interesting thing is even under the brightest sun light. We can see the show very clear. How and why?

Cordially Regards,

Miss Yellow River.

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 Stella Quiles
What do grad schools (US, for example NYU) take into account for admissions?

My GPA dropped to 2.8 (it could be 2.9, but let's say 2.8) from a 3.41 thanks to a slip (one F) during my student exchange. I can have that GPA back to 3.41 by the end of this year and at 3.7 by May 2012.

How does that truly look for grad school? I'm capable of good things; I have always been a good student (and yes, the F episode has served me as quite a lesson not to over trust). I'm aware extracurricular activities matter, a good GRE score and good writing samples. But what else?

I'm considering grad school in NYU, the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, or Syracuse, the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

I have had my mind set on studying and practicing journalism since high school and I'm currently doing Comparative Literature along with International Relations as a major and a minor respectively.

I would like to read your take on this matter. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks so much.

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