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My friend hook me up with this guy and I stop talking to him for no reason 2 years ago, we reasanlty start talking again and he seen a pic of me. I seen a pic of him; we like each other but now he works all the time and sleeps most of the time, so we barely talk only on the weekend. I really want to see him for the first time but he not making no effort no more to see me, you think I being pushy and should wait until he give me the word to see him? also i want to now where me and him stand how should i go about asking that?

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I wish to select my favourite tracks from different audio Cd's & burn them on to a single cdr-w. Presently I am using Record now software for burning Cd's which doesn't help. Is there any safe free software around to enable me to compile my own favorite tracks on to a cdr-w without erasing the already existing tracks?

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Mrs allison mccallum
I have a pain in my right side near my back. What could this be? Could it be anything to do with my liver?

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