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Mrs Devika Yasaswini
I am Devi. I am a graduate with 42.3%. Actually I choosed ca as my career after inter with 68.1%. And I completed my Cpt with 75%. But I failed to complete my IPCC in 6-8 attempts. Bcoz I neglected my studies at that time. That'swhy evev Deg in distance I didn't score 50%. Recently I am married. My spouse is supportive. I heard about some softwares with investment of 2-3 months time. Are they good for me if not show me a path. Because of some pressures I can't spend more than 4-5 months.

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Mr vishal singh
How can I apply for harvard school of engineering after completing my first year of b. Tech

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Would you help an association by filling the 4 questions at the end of this Survey ?


I'm realising a survey for the launching of a campaign for the test of a service (described below) proposed by an association. You can help the work of the association by answering the 4 questions at the end of this message.

The service provided by the association :

The association helps people by identifying personnalised opportunities of money gain that a person can access but that are unknown from the person.

The association contact the person (with targeted adversting for example) inform the person of its eligibility and direct the person to these money gain opportunities.

Example of money gain opportunities that the association may disclose :

(It's only examples, the examples given below are not necessary the true nature of the money gain opportunities disclosed by the association)

-An amount guaranteed over a defective product or service purchased to reclaim

-An amount gained (promotional, games) to reclaim

-An accidental overpayment to a merchant to reclaim

The opportunities of money gain, in any case :

-Do not necessitate any particular skills to be obtained

-Can be obtained quickly (within 3 month maximum)

-No additionnal buying is needed for obtaining them; and there is no marketing operation or anything else for the sake of realising a sale realised

-Can be obtained simply by formalities of declaration and by contacting a third party

-Are pertinent : most of the people who match the necessary profil can access it if they ask

The sums of the money gain opportunities are always superior to 800£ (1217 USD)

-Only the matching of the profil of the user is necessary, no other conditions is required

The offer proposed to testors of the service :

The newly formed association (there is still no experience feedbacks from precedent users of the service, nor recommandations of the service from third party such as quality labels or partners sponsoring) provides for free the service to testors. In return, testors agrees to provide their experience feedbacks to future users as an help.

Testor will have to answer (using their true identity) a simple survey of about 15 questions concerning their experience with the association and the quality of the service provided.

The testimonies given will be displayed in a 'Testimonial' page of the association website and will be used overall the association communication. All of the informations and testimonies provided will be used in a ethical way according to the law.

Other information :

The testor will firstly be asked to notice to the association any money gain opportunity he already know but refuse to access (having similiar caracteristics than described above), so that the association can provide only pertinent money gain opportunities.

Before the association disclosing of the money gain opportunies, the testor must agree not to disclose to third party the information around the money gain opportunity that the association will disclose to him.

THE QUESTIONS : (please answer only if you are 21 years old or more)

Would you accept this offer to be a testor as presented above if the association proposed it to you on its website throught ads over your seearch engin ? yes or no ?

On a 1 to 10 scale, how much do you note your interest for the offer as presented above if it was proposed to you by the association on its website throught ads over your seearch engine ? How much do you estimate the probability that you accept the offer (1 = very low and 10 = very high) ?

What makes you reluctant of accepting the offer presented above ? (Please give details) for example, is it because you have a particularly high earning or patrimony ?

If you need more information to answer this survey please ask.

Thank you for your contributions.

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