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Lord edden jackob
How can I marry a super model?

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Be very rich, very glamorous, very successful and get prepared for a life of pandering to a spoiled woman.

You'll need to mix in the 'jet-set' so you can't have an ordinary job, you'll need to be an actor, rock star, sports star or successful businessman.

Once successful in your chosen field ensure you are invited to the 'right' parties and functions, charity balls etc.

Then propose. And invited the magazines along to the wedding.


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Being with a supermodel is all about money and glamour. If you have that, you do not even need to marry them. They will be with you anyway even without marriage.

But most of all you have to be very very smart and alert that they may not loot you off your money. More than you they will be after your money, and more than you they will be after the glamour. You will just be a means for getting glamour and money. Once they get it from you, whether you marry them are not they will surely dump you. You can observe it clearly with the number of divorces and affairs between celebrities. And have you ever seen a supermodel being around a common man?

Mr Rupert Symss
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