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Religion & Spirituality In General

Mr Haris  N H
Aim of life?

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Purely depends on what you are targeting, and what each person believes in at the moment of aiming.

As living is change, this adds the fun that the target also is ever changing.

As a Taoist, no aiming, no targeting, just meandering as life happens. :)


Mr Casey Kochmer
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The aim of life is to experience many different possibilities, focus upon the aspects that feel best to us, and create a grand and wonderful adventure for ourselves. Each of us is actually creating our own lives, although most people don't realize this yet. What's inside of us, creates what's outside of us, not the other way around. Read "Ask and it is Given" by Abraham Hicks.

Mr Andrew Wilcox
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In life you must aim for your greatest desires. Find something in your heart that you want to achieve more than anything else in the world and strive for it. If you have more than one thing, strive for them all. go as far as you want to reach your aims, but only go as far as the reward will benefit you (don't kill someone to see what colour their blood is for example). In my opinion, as a hedonist, the aim of life is to live everyday to the full, as if it would be your last and then you will not be disappointed if it is.
Hope this is helpful.

Lord Muck UK
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Islam teaches that God created humankind for two purposes: to worship Him, and to care for His creation.

Mrs Anne Osman
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FOR ME "THE AIM OF LIFE" IS THAT God is love. God loved man enough to give him life and to give him love and all that he has provided for all mankind. So to me the "aim of life" is to come to appreciate him who gave life and truly learn to equal the commandment that teaches "to love the Lord with all your heart mind soul strength and might, and to love thy neighbor as thyself", as Jesus taught. Matthew 22:37-Luke 10:27-Mark 12:30. Also 1st Peter 3:10 - For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile,v.11-let him eschew evil and do good, let him seek peace and ensue it. BOB L.

coming on thru USA
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The aim of Life

Life is a precious gift – an amazing one. Plant life makes our world a beautiful one. Compare a house with lawn, flower beds, trees to a ‘flat’ in a huge concrete complex! Animal life makes our world ‘alive’. Human life gives meaning to creation.

Death is the definite aspect of the mortal life that we share with all the animals. Immortality is the unique aspect of spiritual life, the life of the soul, that we humans only have.

Consciousness, that makes us aware of the creation around us and the Creator, conscience, the awareness of good and evil, mind and soul that can communicate with God in praise, worship and intercessions; these are unique to us humans.

This life becomes meaningful only when we utilize these spiritual faculties in knowing, loving and serving the Lord which is best accomplished by understanding, loving and serving our fellow beings – the children of God.

Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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