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Mr Nathan Johnson
The earth and other planets where formed from leftover matter stuck in our suns orbit. I'm just wondering if having an earth twice the size as ours now would be more beneficial to the complexity of life or worse? Like the more diversity there is the higher the complexity can get so earths wide diversity plays a huge roll in how we got to where we are now so what we could do with a planet twice as large would be astonishing if we could adapt to the extra gravity. If we where going to look for other life on different planets what stars would be the best to look at? Our sun is perfect for our planet but would a bigger sun possibly with the right conditions possibly host an even more complex life form? Because if are sun caught this much matter in it's orbit then an even bigger sun definitely would have caught more matter. Any thoughts about this topic right or wrong would help thanks?

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Your thought experiment cannot be completed without making further assumptions. If I were to assume, for instance, that the increased gravity of larger systems caused limitations on the design variations that worked for mobility, I would think there would be less diversity.

You ask some interesting questions, but they are mostly unanswerable either because of the way you have framed them, or because the answers are not agreed by cosmologists.

Another for instance: if you start asking about quantum mechanics, you better know higher [WAY higher] math if you really want to get an understanding of it. The more advanced constructs in physics and astronomy do not lend themselves to easy conceptualization using the English language - the language of math is required for complete accuracy and understanding.

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Thanks that helps alot
robdashu USA
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There are so many, uncountable, factors that make the earth, the sun, this region of the milky way, the most ideal place for life to thrive. One can wonder, as you do, if things could be better. But personally I believe that no one, no architect or planner could beat this great Architect who masterminded this wonderfull scenario.

Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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