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Mr Nathan Johnson
Puzzling thing that all matter isn't in a sphere around an empty origin where all matter was made, I mean if their was 1 big creation of matter then it would be in a clump right and if this energy that's moving it apart separated this matter it would move in clumps kind away from this origin but would move in every direction away from this spot and would leave a place with no matter is left. So how do we have evenly distributed matter across the universe? I don't know but maybe all the matter wasn't created all in one bang it's pretty easy to suggest this it gives you an easy thing to work with in a sense but not a really plausible idea this could have built up gradually.

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Today we know that all the matter that makes up the universe today was created at one go at one particular instant 13.7 billion years back. The galaxies were formed long after that and these galaxies are today moving apart.

Comments from Mr Nathan Johnson:
I get that but what I'm saying is if it's been moving apart for 13 billion years it would leave a spot with nothing from where everything started but that's not the case we see evenly distributed matter with no real origin of creation
Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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One of the theories that was at one time in competition with the big-bang theory was based on the idea of continuous creation of matter at the center of the universe and the idea that something was being created there from unknown sources. I don't believe this has many followers as it doesn't agree with other theories that have more physical evidence - or at least are more coherent, encompassing theories.

The big-bang does seem to imply that some central point would show a lack of mass density because everything was ejected away from that point. It could certainly be argued that as the mass expanded and differentiated, that parts would take on characteristics that would cause their velocity to vary from other parts, therefore explaining the lack of an obvious "smoke ring" effect. There would be a dispersion of the matter through varying rates of speed.

Comments from Mr Nathan Johnson:
Like posibly the the matter is sourounded by this dark energy and is creating currents in space so our universe is almost like a liquid ball expanding outwords
robdashu USA
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