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Mr Nathan Johnson
So we base are theries about the universe on everyday physics we see and observe here on earth right? Would the effect of the massive gallactic gravitational pull that we are a part of and are sun and are very own planet posibly give us a wrong idea and perspective on how the universe trully formes and evolves? Like posibly theirs something we are missing on how matter behaves when it's not being manipulated by gravity? We could be blinded by the real truth in a way.

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Newtonian physics deal with things around us from a mustard seed to apple to watermelon or from a car to a jumbo jet to an ocean liner.

Things beyond the limit of our external senses are dealt with in the Einsteinian physics. Here again, special relativity deals with the quantum world of subatomic particles, protons, electrons, quarks, photons and what not while the general relativity deals with the macroscopic world of galaxies, quasars, blackholes - the cosmic aspect.

As you say there is still something missing about the behavior of matter. And to sort this out scientists had been trying for nearly one century to come up with a "THEORY OF EVERYTHING" that can be applied at the microscopic and macroscopic level of matter. So far no one has succeeded. last year one great cosmologist ssid, "It seems only a theory of nothing can lead to a theory of everythinbg". By nothing he means the absence of matter - sunyatha - that existed before the appearence of matter and space and that controls the evolution of th ecosmos.

Comments from Mr Nathan Johnson:
Thanks but it dident really anwser the question of could our position from where are planets solar system is being sucked into a black hole right now change how matter behaves when it's not being pulled on by gravity. We see only matter that is constantly being tugged on by gravity.
Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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Your comment as well as the original question are not in fact fully understood by me. From what I did let me say this.
Matter can never be free from gravity.
There are no black holes right now pulling the solar system into it.
There are many things that are still not clear to the scientists of today.

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