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What conditions, if any, would have allowed life as we know it to exist or not exist on Jupiter?

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Jupiter is a gassy planet you couldn't stand on the surface and doesn't contain the main components to life like water and the correct amount of oxygen needed for us to survive. But this is just thinking from someone on earth it's possible that life might be able to start on different planets and that specimen would just evolve into a organism that uses those elements and conditions to survive. I would think as far as I know for life to start on a planet it would need to have similar conditions to that on earth.
Hope this helps I'm not an expert

Mr Nathan Johnson
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Life is not likely to exist on Jupiter due to many reasons:
1. It is one of the gas giants, mostly made up of gases hydrogen and helium.
The quantity of water and ammonia are present in very small quantities and harbor the basis of terrestrial life is almost missing on Jupiter. These conditions are favorable to any imaginable form of life.
2. As it is so far from the sun the surface temperatures are bound to be too low for life. Going to the interior, the temperatures soar up to something like 20 000 k due to the extreme pressures. Life cannot exist in similar conditions.

3. Jupiter is known as the star that failed to be. If the mass of Jupiter was higher, say including some or all the other planets, it would have been a star.

The facts known about the planets and of life could lead us to the conclusion that even on the terrestrial planets other than the earth life is unlikely to exist as they are too close to the sun and therefore too hot. All the conditions for life as we know it exists on earth only.

Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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