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Mr Nathan Johnson
When a star is dying it burns up the last of the last of the matter that's sustaining it so it colapses into itself exploding into whatever you want to call it depending on the size of the star right? And I'm guessing since a black hole has a greater gravitational pull then a star it has more matter in it just we can't see it because everything that goes into it dosent come out even light right? So my question for you is if everyones going with the big bang theory what caused the bang because as far as I know since the most matter in one place that we know of becomes a black hole then wouldnt the big bang theory be one huge Black hole? Just a guess but if you had that super massive black hole and it really sucked in everything into it matter and space and it had nothing else to pull in that gravitational force could somehow reverse itself. Sorry for the question I'm 16 and really have alot on my mind if you could clear things up for me that would be great thanks.

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As for most of your Cosmos question of late they are beginning to follow a pattern, and as you have now shown some candour by telling me your age the pieces are beginning to make more sense.

None of this is about the universe and how it came into being, it is all about you and your future life within it. And being a young and obviously intelligent 16YO things can just get overwhelming at times.

It is part of the make up of being "Human" that we have to have ways to explain events/behaviours of what is happening around us, the trouble is they are sometimes based on some very limited knowledge so we have to fill in the gaps with a lot of guesses, that is true of a scientist studying the cosmos as it is for a 16yo struggling to make sense of their world and where they fit in it. Over analysing things that we just can't answer is a symptom not a solution. And that is where you should start my friend, why are you over analysing a subject that in itself wont help you in the long run? Maybe you need to bring all your intelligence and focus on what is happening to you directly and base your next question on that.


Comments from Mr Nathan Johnson:
Thanks that helps alot
Seamus Madden M.A.S.C.
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I'm not an expert.

But, I believe that when the amount of matter in a black hole reaches a certain point, the density of the matter can get no greater, and a "rebound effect" of some sort occurs. It may have to do with "weak" nuclear forces or something. When you get the matter packed that densely, new forces become stronger than the gravitational pull of the black hole, and cause it to reverse direction with a big bang!

robdashu USA
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Big bang and black hole
A question of this nature from someone your age is really to be admired. If gravity was the only force at work there would have been no universe. Einstein suggested another force antigravity that allowed for the expansion of the universe. Recently the concept of antigravity is replaced by dark energy.

Today cosmologists do not speak of Big Bang. The primordial matter that appeared at the beginning of time did not explode or scatter but started a very fast process of expansion called inflation. According to all known facts or theories in gravity or in physics, the rate of expansion of the universe must be slowing down and must be on the way to a big crunch leading , may be to a big black hole. The whole scientific community was surprised by the end of the 20th century by the discovery that the rate of expansion is increasing instead of decreasing. This was soon confirmed by another group of scientists.
But the question, what is dark energy? has not yet been answered. It is not ordinary form of energy it cannot be detected or measured. It is something immense or infinite that controls the evolution of the universe. It could very well be the immense ocean of energy which gave rise to the primordial matter at the beginning. This infinite force that created the universe and controls its evolution and existence may never be fully understood by science. But it can very simply be understood by us as the Creator or God. A cosmologist may very well be aware of this but he cannot use the word God then it is no more science but religion. Besides we have to go on trying to find answers to question like; what is all this? to expand our realms of knowledge.
You might read an article called cosmology in the section view all articles on the home page of this forum simplyexplained.com.

Comments from Mr Nathan Johnson:
Thanks for the help! It almost upsetes me that we won't be able to know everything but we can't do much from our position as we observe the universe from such a insignificant spot in the universe because truthfully how can we even fathom the concept of something we can't see or touch.
Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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