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janicemcnear USA
What is a probable alternative to an internet fax service?

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1) Fax cards a) internal software fax cards pros - cheap; cons- rarely run at full speeds b) external fax cards best choice for compatibility, flexibility and program-ability

2) Fax Machines - handy for they usually come with a phone and typically can be found in some printers / copiers

3) Fax Services - go to just about any convenience store and they typically have a fax machine to send with

4) Scan to email - many scanners will 'auto' scan to email addresses sometimes right on the hardware or just attach the scanned images to any email addresses

5) Training pigeons to take messages to other places

6) Smoke signals

7) Word of mouth. just tell something to another person eventually it will get to person who needs the information.. very effective if its a disparaging remark or idle gossip

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