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Mr James vempeny Australia
Do we really have fee will? Is not the DNA or gene responsible for all our actions?

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The gene is responsible for all our actions as animals, as physical beings. But a human being is essentially a spiritual being. The faculties of human soul like conscience and consciousness are not controlled by the gene but by free will. As such we cannot blame our parents or our genes for our actions. We – our free will – shoulder the responsibility.

Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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We are given a series of choices and we are free to choose as we wish. We make a choice according to our liking, according to our taste. When you go to a bookshop you find books on various topics and subject. You pick up one according to your interest. Someone will pick up a book on religion, the other on philosophy and some might choose a book on sex depending on their taste. The gift of free will make us choose things and we do so according to our taste. What a DNA does? It transmits only the genetic information. I don't think that has anything to do with our actions. We act in self interest. Few act in the interest of others. A noble soul would act in the interest of universal good. It is the nobility in us which is responsible for our actions. A despicable persons action will be despicable. It is one's way of thinking that raises one's level. Widen your horizon of thinking and your actions too would be right. More narrow is you thinking and more putrid are your thought then more wrong would be your actions.

Mr Achilles D'Sylva
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