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Mr james straw
I am extremely scared (petrified) of flying, please can somebody advise me how to overcome this phobia, I would really appreciate it!

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Remember the following:
1. The number of people killed in motor accidents in 2006 is much more than those who died flying. So if you are not afraid to go in a car or bus you need not be afraid to fly.
2. Even in India thousands of people are flying everyday between its cities. If he or she can why cant you?
3. In my case nothing in the whole world can scare me because of my spirituality. I believe that my true self is the immortal soul and I put my absolute trust in God. Then I have nothing to fear. I wonder if you can adopt this attitude. It can help.

Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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The only sure way for someone to rid themselves of a phobia is to accept it and so stop it from having irrational control over much of their lives.
Some people can end up fearing the phobia more than the subject concerned.
But the solution, although easy to say, is very simple: Firstly you have to really want to be rid of the phobia, with all your heart then you just have to back that up with actions that prove it. Visualise in your mind's eye having to board a plane, show yourself being relaxed, using the relaxed breathing method, accepting the fear is a part of you but telling yourself that you have control over it, and not it over you! Feeling a sense of achievement at any sign of success, however small and focus on those successes and less on the fear. The relaxed breathing method is where you force yourself to keep calmer by breathing in through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. Practice it when you are relaxed, not while driving though, and it will be second nature for when you really need it.
One last thing, keep your sense of humour. Buy joke books, mags anything that makes you smile and help stop you worrying about yourself, at the end of the day, phobia's are just a form of self indulgence and you are worth so much more than that.......

Take care, keep smiling and let me know if I can help further.

Seamus Madden M.A.S.C.
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Hi There,

I sympathise with your problem. There is one thing I can tell you about your phobia which might perhaps be some help to you in coming to terms with it. The reason why flying is such an unpleasant and frightening experience to you is because you are so tensed up about it. When you are tense everything is ten times worse. The slightest noise and you think you're going to crash, the slightest bump and you feel sick, the slightest delay or hold up and you think the worst.

Please believe me when I tell you that, if only you can manage to relax, flying is one of the most pleasant and exciting experiences you can have. You no longer notice the slight bumps and the other things that worried you before, because you are having such a great time, laying back, enjoying a glass of champagne and chatting to the interesting people that you always find travelling on aircraft.

Of course it's easy to say "relax" when you are scared out of your wits. But what I'm saying is that as and when you learn to relax a bit, you will find that what you thought was a horrible experience is in fact a nice experience that you will come to want to do as often as possible.

And, don't forget that flying is by far the safest way to travel.

Bon Voyage!

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