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In this twenty first century how can people still believe that there is a God? Great scientists and intellectuals say that there is no God.

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Many great scientists and intellectuals also say that there is a God as well. For one all ministered men of God (at least in the Anglican church) are intellectuals as they have to pass theology courses at a University or Higher Education College. Secondly many Scientists also say there is a God (science can still not explain the beginning of the universe and cannot explain how evolution happens so presuming that you take the intelligent design approach then a scientific but also religious approach can work together and embrace one another). Try reading the book "The language of God: A scientist presents evidence for belief." by Francis S. Collins (the guy who stood next to the president of the United States to announce that they had worked out the coding of the human genome).

Secondly if you had witnessed the things that I have this weekend you would be in no doubt. A friend of mine who had lossed the use of her legs, and who doctors were unable to give a diagnosis for and therefore were unable to give her more treatment than physio has been healed in prayer at a christian camp and has regained full use of her legs and has been running around. I have seen may people filled by the holy spirit and either collapsed to the floor or those so filled with the joy of God have burst out laughing and been unable to stop themselves, and I mean a proper whole hearted laugh at events held at two of the churches that I attend (one as a fully fledged member and the other part-time as I am unable to commit to attending their service but do go along to these special events that they put on) as they had Ted Hanson over from America (a great preacher and prophet of our time). I have seen people be prophisied over and have been prophisied over myself. Some of the things that Ted (or rather God through Ted) said to people have already come true and things that he said that there is no doubt that they are right. My other friend with the same condition in a wheelchair was prophisised over and was told that a time of healing was on its way. Personally I was told that I am going to make a discovery but in every day things and that I am a giant inside.

God always answers prayer but sometimes the answer is no.
If you want any more information I am sure I can direct you to books and Internet pages to help.

Mr James Lock
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You wake up in the middle of the night, go downstairs and see- a beautiful birthday cake all lit up! You live alone, no one broke in - how could a cake just appear out of nowhere? Now, look at the human race - we have eyes that see yet dogs and cats and animals have eyes that can see. We have noses that can breathe yet dogs and cats and animals have noses that can breathe. The chemical mix called "air" moves in and out of our lungs- dogs and cats and animals have lungs too. We have mouths, tongues, saliva yet dogs and cats and animals have these things too. Food that grows out of the ground and on trees is of a substance that can be broken down in our mouths, move through the esophagus, into the stomach - whoa, dogs and cats and animals have this digestive process too! A woman's breast creates milk -not, say, turpentine -for the baby to live. It took an intelligent designer to put together these myriad functions, the way it took a gifted baker to create and light the birthday cake. The lighted birthday cake couldn't have just "exploded" into existence in your home.

Miss Lise Henri
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I can only speak for myself. I do not believe that there is God. I know that there is God.
I know God. What is more, God knows me intimately. I believe in God, trust in God and love God as a child trusts and loves its father or mother.

Humans have the immortal soul, a spark of the divine, created in the image and likeness of God. It is by this spirit that we are able to know and experience God. Those who are not aware of this spirit in them are not fully human. They say there is no God. They have knowledge but not wisdom.

The realm of the Spirit, of God, of Love is another dimension of our existence. Our world consists not only of space and time but also spirit. Each of these has three dimensions.
Space: length, width, height.
Time: past, present, future.
Spirit (Love): upward (towards God), outward (towards others), inward (To oneself).
To realize these truths we have to be fully human

Mr Joseph Vempeny India
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People have been denying that God exists for almost as long as people have been around.

This question makes as much sense to me as yours does to you: How can people still believe that there is no God?

Look around you. It takes more faith to believe that this all got here by itself that to believe someone made it.

Read the Bible cover to cover and then see if you still have the same question.

Mr Gary Sonnenberg USA
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Because there is so much that scientists cannot explain, and so much that scientist HAVE explained leading to more questions.... "scientifically speaking", there HAS to be some sort of "supreme being". Some call that being GOD. We are not smart enough yet to define it any other way. Neither science or religion alone can explain this thing called life. Both have to work together for it to make any sense, and even then, we have to realize that we have only seen "the tip of the iceberg" when it comes to creation. There are too many things that have to work "exactly" the way they do for life to exist to ignore the possibility that there was some "supreme being" involved.

Mr Rob Hill
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