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Teenage Problems

Ms nicole beverley
I have a boyfriend who loves his Xbox game and even when I am dealing with a family problem and I want to talk to him about it, I cant because hes not interested..all he wants to do is play the game.

He talk to me like crap a lot. What do I do?

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If you can't pull the plug on the Xbox, consider pulling the plug on the relationship.

Occasional game-playing is no big deal. If it is to the exclusion of a meaningful relationship, offer him these choices, if he chooses the Xbox, your course is clear.

Mr Craig Brownell
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Us guys are dogs. I am 45 now and I got my first xbox at 42. Mostly for my grandson and me to enjoy in time specifically set aside for it.. Young fellows tend to try to escape reality due to the stresses of a job, marriage, kids, etc. They don't always intend for it to be this way it just happens. Age and maturity will sometimes solve this problem. If he is intensely playing a game or working on something and you question him, he might "bite back" due to the way the question is asked or the timing of it. This does not always mean that there isn't a problem with respect, but generally speaking, it comes down to the timing of events which sometimes can be controlled.

Sometimes, by suspending some of his assumed "privileges", it will get his attention but be careful. If he hits on you, you don't need him. I still get the "thousand yard stare", but i am learning better how to pay attention more to the things that are most important. My 5 year old grandson teaches me a lot due to the innocence of his age. Guys are hard to understand because they think much differently.

Ask him next time, (calmly if you aren't already doing this), if he would pause the game when it's easiest for him and let him know that you can only wait so long until he does. Remind him that the game is certainly challenging, but you have something that you feel is important enough to interrupt what he is doing only for a short time. If he has to stop for other reasons, make a mental note and use that to your advantage, just don't be manipulative in anger or revenge because it will not work that way. Do it positive and it will amaze both you and him. I hope this was helpful and good luck.

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I think your boyfriend had ditched you. His new girlfriend is his Xbox Game.

It's just one think - he is ADDICTED to the game.
You are just facing the difficulties a person faces who lives with a person who suffers from an addiction!!!!

A person having such an addiction certainly has their social life and personal life RUINED. The same is happening with him.

Lots of Love,

Rupert Symss

Mr Rupert Symss
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He talks to you like crap a lot? Xbox or no Xbox, if he talks to you like crap, ditch him. You need to be with someone who treats you with respect.

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Cut the wires on his XBOX then cut him out of your life. You deserve better!

Jane's Jottings UK
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