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Abuse & Recovery

Mr Justin Le
One of the bullies in my school threatened to force me to smoke coke if I didn't hack into the school computers and change his grades for the better. If I smoke coke and I'm not willing, is it still addictive?

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The addictive nature of the drug lies in the chemicals and their reaction with your body, not in your attitude toward it. So yes, it would still be addictive.

Your real problem here is that you need to get help to counter the attacks of this bully. You shouldn't have to choose between these two bad options.

Mr Gary Sonnenberg USA
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You should carry a tape recorder and get him to threaten you again and record it. Then go to the police.

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Although it is true that physiological processes underpin addiction to crack cocaine, the psychological addiction it engenders is key and there isn't a clear, well-defined physical withdrawal syndrome as with heroin. Additionally, even with heroin, there is empirical evidence that someone who is bound and forced to consume the drug over a period of time will probably suffer the physical discomfort of withdrawal but is unlikely to become psychologically dependent on the drug. This is because dependency is clearly about much more than the biochemical (or other) properties of the object of abuse (problematic drug users have problems). Having said that, some substances are clearly much more "sticky" than others, and crack cocaine is about as sticky as drugs get. Don't go there, seek external help.

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Coke is highly addictive, using it even once may lead to long term addiction hence it is best to avoid experimenting with these hard drugs. As for other issue of being bullied, it is best tackled by not submitting yourself and taking help from others

Mr vivek pattan
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Being forced to smoke coke would be traumatic for you. Add the addiction factor, and yes, you do come up with a heightened chance of ending up with a drug problem.

Get someone to help you ASAP.

Mr Lars Simonsen
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Even if forced to smoke it you can't control how your body will react, you might like it, despite not wanting to, and end up with a drug habit you really really don't want. Even once is dangerous. This bully needs stopped, is there nobody you can approach to tell about his bullying? Guidance teacher, parent, head teacher, student body? If you give into him on this one, what's the next demand going to be?

I hope you get help, please seek it. You shouldn't have to worry about this, he is ruining your life, please don't be afraid, please speak out.

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Tartrazine UK
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