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Miss gemma niles
If your infertile do you still have normal periods, and does infertility run in the family?

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Yes, you can have normal periods. They are determined by hormonal cycles, not fertile eggs.

Yes, it can run in the family, but not necessarily. Depending on the cause and the severity, some of the causes of infertility can be hereditary.

Obligatory joke: If your mother and father were infertile, chances are that you will be infertile as well. (Think about it...heh)

Mr Craig Brownell
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Many woman who have normal periods are infertile - could be blocked tubes, anovulatory cycles ( no egg ), endometriosis, turners syndrome, all sorts of things. Some are hereditary - but far from all - and many are overcome-able with assisted conception - sometimes drug therapy, sometimes IVF.

You need to get a full assessment if you are trying to conceive and having problems - both you and your partner will need to be checked out.

Good luck - I was told I'd need donor eggs and would not have a child of my own, only to find out a week later I was pregnant.

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Infertile means having no eggs and that doesn't mean you wont have your monthly cycle. Infertility can run in the family but its not always the case.

Mrs Sharon Mackay
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