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Mr abdu raheem
Why is java so important in networking and mobile?

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Unlike standalone computers, with networking and mobile computing, it is the interconnection that becomes important. This means that you have to have different computers or mobile devices 'talk' to each other. Just like people, if they understand a common language, communication becomes easier. The common language already exists in Java, which is called JVM. JVM is a kind of low level language that all machines are made to understand, and Java is built on top of that. So, Java has a natural advantage not enjoyed by any other language in network and communication, and is the preferred choice.

Mr Krishna Prasad Canada
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Krishna's description was good, but let's take it a step further.

Machines weren't made to interpret java, it's the other way around: java was written in a way so that it will work with many different kinds of machines/devices.

Java is essentially a framework upon which software applications are built, the same as C or any other compiled language. Java has become popular because the underlying framework is easy to compile and run on many different computing chips (platforms) such as regular desktop PC's and mobile phones. Once the framework is in place, a java application written by someone on a desktop PC will also run on a mobile phone because of the "byte code" that java uses. What Krishna described is the "byte code", that will work identically on every different platform/device that supports Java.

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