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Internet Technology

Miss Gail Cummings
Can you make a "Word" document into an Internet web page?

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In Word, go to the 'File' Menu and choose 'Save As Web Page', it will then create your document as HTML. Its not the best way to design a page and you won't get very pretty or maintainable HTML but you will get a web page.

Comments from Miss Gail Cummings:
Thanks for your quick reply. I did that and it is now under 'files of type' 'all web pages'. The mouse over says it is a html type. However, when I click on it, it still says it is a word document. What I need is to convert it to one starting www.etc.com. I need to post it somewhere in that form. Th
Mr Scott Liddell UK
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The simplest way to convert a Microsoft Word document into HTML format such that it can be read by a Web browser is to select File -> Save as Web Page. To make the document accessible from the Internet, you will then have to upload the page to a Web server.

Note that the resulting HTML document is not in any way optimal and the layout will in most cases differ from the original, but for documents that are not too complex, this can be an acceptable solution.

Comments from Miss Gail Cummings:
Thank you for your quick reply
Mr Nicolai Nielsen
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Yes, it is very easy!. Save it as an HTML file (Go to Save as, and under the name, there is a file type). Choose HTML from the list and voila! You have a web page.

Mr Krishna Prasad Canada
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The easiest way to do this is to use a web page editor, such as Microsoft Front Page, that is compatible with Word. You can then copy and paste your page into Front Page and it will do much of the work of translation for you. However, you will probably still need to make some adjustments to your page by hand in FrontPage, although this is not any more complicated that creating a page in Word in the first place.

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