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Miss rebecca vanhouter
What age do teens rebel?

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At the age of 13 ish, they start being more rebellious. There is no "fact" answer on this, because every child will grow up differently.
But in my experience, they start being more rebellious after they start on a new school or go from middle to high school.

Mr Bjørn Tore Økland
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Most teenagers, around the age of 13, will openly defy the advice and authority of their parents and other figures of authority. One of the best ways to deal with rebellious teenagers is avoid confrontation, being patient and recognising that you have a teenager. The important thing to remember is that most teenagers will pass through this phase and return to become normal law abiding citizens.

The major reason for rebellion in teenagers is for them to find their place in the adult world, to find where they belong in the greater scheme of things. Like all children, teenagers cannot know the limits of their behaviour without first exploring the edges. We are not born with an innate sense of right and wrong, we learn the difference through trial and error as we mature. Teenagers only need the time, and life's lessons, to learn correct behavior.

This happens around 13 because teenagers are learning how to be adults, not children, they already know how to be children. Adults have a lot more freedom than children, but adults understand, often through bitter experience, that with freedom comes responsibilities and repercussions. Younger children are protected from the repercussions by their parents, teenagers cannot always be, nor do they necessarily want to be, protected from these repercussions.

Dr Kenneth Kramm
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I really don't know and I am not sure anyone really does, but part of the reason is that at 13 or so you are beginning a growth to adulthood. Many show their independence and their rebelliousness. They are testing their boundaries, stretching what they can to fit their own mold. Because now their is a young adult society and its rules are different than mom and dads. The young tend to be concerned with the young and what it is that they most want to do at a any given time. They are at a time of formation of their character, and they will make mistakes through trial and error, part of that situation is teen rebellion. They need good strong parents to keep them in the way that they should go. "Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.PROVERBS 22:6 This proverb applies to bring up a child in the way that he should go-he should continue to attend church and worship the Lord and study Gods word-and when he is old he will not depart from it, then again that's good advice for all. I believe that we have to let our children be free enough to make their own decisions with our guidance and controlled enough that we do not allow them to go in areas of life that are dangerous for them, or bad influence for them. We need them to develop at the rate God designed, that takes our input as parents and our watch care. They are rebellious but we must be strong yet understanding, and look to our own selves of what we went through when we were their age. So to answer they rebel because they can, but they need to be guided in their development so that they can become responsible adults and be able in turn to guide yet another child, perhaps their own. Toleration in today's society is terrible. I think we need to be tolerant some times, but certainly not all the time! we need to be good parents, some of us learn these lessons too late. when children or better put teenagers rebel they need correction tempered with love. That's my thoughts -BOB L.

coming on thru USA
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Any age or not at all. Everyone is different. Every upbringing is different, even within siblings. Depends on parents, peers, schools, hormones and everything.

There's no age that you can think - at least the risk of rebellion is past. There's no age that you can think - at least they are not old enough to rebel.

I think we need to treat them as individuals not as 'teens' and look at individual circumstances.

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