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Cheerleading accident?

at cheerleading yesterday my friend was trying to show a girl how to twist from a one legged stunt and the back spot didn't know how to catch and didn't tell anyone so my friend went up and when they popped the back missed her completely..her head hit the mat and she blacked out. Now every time she lays down on her back or side she either throws up or feels like shes going to throw up.. her head is very sore considering she got dropped on it. There is a bump on the back of her head and shes complaining that it hurts.

Whats wrong with her?

Could it be more than a concussion?

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Question found in Health & Fitness In General
It sounds exactly like a concussion.

Don't say "more than" as if a concussion is not serious. If she's vomiting, that is a sign of a serious head injury. She needs medical evaluation NOW.

Next time make certain that the spots know their function. They are the performer's safety net. They must be prepared to instantly put their own bodies between a performer and an injury.

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Three family members buy a house to live in, one dies then second dies, is the last remaining then the sole owner or can other members or relatives claim a stake in property?

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Question found in Real Estate & Property Law
Legal heirs and creditors have claims against the estates of the deceased and that could include an interest in the house (real estate).

This can be a complicated matter, depending upon ownership interest at the time of each party's death, contributions, mortgage payments, "sweat equity" and other factors. The familial relationship of the parties (parent-child or siblings) also makes a difference.

With some exceptions (e.g.: legal spouse), heirs and bequests can be specified or specifically denied by a Will, but a Will cannot discharge creditors' claims.

Depending upon the laws in your area, it is unlikely that an heir or creditor could force the surviving owner to sell the property, but they could file a lien that specifies they must be paid their share of the proceeds when the property is sold.

I would strongly suggest that the ownership papers be drawn up by an attorney and each party should execute a Will.

Alternatively, you may be able to establish a Trust with equal partnership. The sole surviving Trustee would inherit the Trust and could dispose of it as he or she wishes.

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What if someone has opened a registered homeopathic clinic but is a self made doctor who has no knowledge of any kind of what hes treating and experimenting medicines on his own children and wife. How can I complain and to whom may I complain to?

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Question found in Abuse & Recovery
This would be easier if you had said what country.

Contact a government office such as Dept. of Commerce, Board of Medical Examiners or similar. If they cannot handle it, chances are they can refer you to the correct agency.

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Dear sir or madam, could I get help with my mortgage if I lost my job? I'm thinking I may get help with the interest element of it.

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Question found in Mortgage Advice
You should contact your lender as soon as possible and start working out a plan.

They do not want to foreclose. If you wait until things are totally out of control, they may have no choice. They will be far more interested in working out a plan if you approach them early.

Comments :
Did not explain if i would be entitled to help from the goverment.

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If you wanted to know whether you could get help from the government, you should have asked exactly that. It also would have been helpful to know WHAT government. This is an international web site and no one knows where you live unless you say.

You would still start by contacting your lender. If there is a government program available to help you, they will probably know of it.

Is it time for investment in gold?

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Question found in Business & Economy In General
It will depend on your purpose, continuing investment plans and the time frame within which your investments will be allowed to remain.

So-called 'day traders' attempt to profit on very short-term shifts in commodity prices. They could be stocks, bonds, precious metals, etc. These folks will attempt to predict short term market swings, sometimes within hours. They will buy when the price appears low and sell when the price seems to be high. Many commodities make small swings of this nature several times per day. Trading in this will require constant attention, calculation and market predicting abilities.

Long-term investors are less concerned with hourly, daily or even weekly swings in commodity prices. These folks invest for gains (or losses - selling short) on a longer term.

You could invest in gold on either basis, but longer term investing tends to be less risky and doesn't require minute-by-minute monitoring. Market trends rather than hourly spikes will be a better guide to this type of investing.

As a general rule, gold will go up as the value of the US dollar sinks and vice versa. Gold is, however, relatively safe because it has intrinsic value. It is tangible, not simply a certificate representing ownership of a company such as stock.

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Our small scotty dog escaped from our back garden, he went racing up to a woman with 2 bull mastiffs (both on leads) he was not aggressive, just wanted to play (hes only 18months)

Her 2 dogs went ballistic and pulled her over, literally dragging her along the ground!

Now she is claiming that she sustained injuries preventing her from working so she wants compensation.

While I take full responsibility for my dog being loose, is it fair to say that some of the blame lies with her for having 2 massive dogs that she obviously cannot handle?

Does she have a case?

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Question found in Dogs In General
You said 'back garden', so I will assume you are in the U.K. Here in the colonies (U.S.), we call it a 'back yard'. Heh.

U.K. liability laws may be somewhat different, but are based on the same legal principles. In fact, English Common Law is the root our our legal principles here.

She may have a case, but perhaps not as much as she may believe. Courts usually decide cases such as this on a comparative negligence basis.

First, the court will attempt to establish the extent (monetary value) of her loss. This is dispassionate. She must prove her losses and that they are a direct result of this incident.

Once the loss is established, the court will attempt to determine if any negligence was responsible and then assess comparative negligence. That is, were any of the parties negligent in any way? How much of the plaintiff's injuries were the result of your negligence and how much could be attributed to her negligence? Were there any other parties or factors that contributed to the incident? Were any factors present that mitigated or exacerbated her loss?

One factor that will be considered includes your failure to adequately control your dog. To what extent could his escape have been anticipated or prevented by you? Then, to what extent did your dog's escape contribute to this incident? Again, it's comparative. Read on.

Another factor will be her inability to control her dogs, whether she was physically capable of controlling two large, strong dogs and whether or not a reasonable person should attempt walking two such dogs on a lead in public at her age, height, weight, physical condition, etc.

Filing a lawsuit, winning and collecting are three different things.

Your dog's escape is likely your responsibility, but the obvious situation is that any animal or incident could have excited her dogs, including a wild squirrel or a passing child on a bicycle. Therefore the greatest cause of her injury could have been her failure to properly assess her ability to control two massive dogs under perfectly ordinary circumstances that could reasonably be expected to occur in public.

You will have some responsibility, but probably only a fraction of what she imagines.

Get a lawyer. It will probably be less expensive than doing this on your own. If you have homeowner's or renter's insurance and it includes liability coverage, they will likely provide you with legal counsel at no charge. Contact them.

Comments :
Thank you Craig,
You have stated exactly what I was thinking. Like I said, I fully accept responsibility for my dogs escape, but I find it hard to take the blame for her being pulled over by her own dogs.
Like you said, it could easily have been a squirrel or a cat.

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If someone holds two separate accounts with the same bank and one is overdrawn without an overdraft facility, is the bank allowed to take money from the other account without your permission or written consent to put into the account that was overdrawn?

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Question found in Banking & Finance

You probably signed an agreement regarding the deposit terms. It probably includes a provision allowing the bank to change those terms. If the bank notifies you of such changes, they are as binding as the original agreement.

If the original agreement or any changes permit the bank to move funds from one account to another, they already have your written permission to do so.

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I have turned two bedrooms into studio apartments. I allow people to stay on a week to week basis, no lease, cash only. I have someone in one who lost his job and is into me for about 3k. How can I get him out as quickly and as cheaply as possible?

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Question found in Legal Other
Much will depend upon the landlord/tenant laws in your area and you neglected to provide this information.

In most U.S. states, you must file an Unlawful Detainer action with the local court and serve the defendant with papers. The court will schedule a hearing and you must provide proof of the tenant's breach. If you merely "allow people" to stay on, this is very weak as a tenancy agreement, but it may hold up.

If the court finds in your favor, it will order the defendant to correct the defect or vacate the premises within (usually) ten days. If they fail, the Sheriff can physically enter the premises and move their possessions onto the public street.

This will not collect back rent, but it will remove the deadbeats. It won't be pleasant for any concerned.

I would strongly suggest a written lease agreement with future renters. It will preserve your rights as a landlord.

Comments :
I live in Sarasota, Florida (county) if that helps. Thank you

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Is it bad that my cervix hurts while having sex?

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Question found in Women's Health
Speak with a gynecologist. Hopefully, this is minor, but it could be a warning and you should heed it.

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Where is a good place to find Golf Cart Parts and Golf Cart Accessories?

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Question found in Golf
Much will depend upon the brand(s) of golf cart and where you are located.

This is an international web site.

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