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Have worked for an american medical insurance crowd so know how to bill,

and how to deal with insurance companies

working in cardiac dept so have a little knowledge in that area.

Have worked in catering since 14 until 30, so have a good food knowledge.

Have discovered how to get rid of most stains because my kids spill everything.

I have an acre of land that i cultivate with veggies, i will answer what i can because i would like to make a difference no matter how small to your life.

My favourite site is www.stumbleupon.com which might help you find what you are looking for... my page is www.pootlesuzie.stumbleupon.com and i am on facebook too

Good luck in your quest for knowledge!!!

Thought for the day:

Laura ingalls Wilder - hero

I am trying to write again

Good luck in your search for answers

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