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Name: Edmund Gyan
Email: asiedu_89@yahoo.com
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Business and Information Technology

Thought for the day:

Protect yourself online


Whether you are new to using the internet or a regular user - here are six simple tips you can take to help protect yourself online

*Install security software and update it regularly

*Turn on automatic updates so all your software receives the latest fixes

*Set a strong password and change it at least twice a year

*Stop and think before you click on links or attachments

*Stop and think before you share any personal or financial information - about you, your friends or family

*Know what your children are doing online - make sure they know how to stay safe and encourage them to report anything suspicious.

What these tips show is that protecting yourself online is about more than just how you set up and use your computer or mobile phone.

It's also about being smart in what you do and the choices you make while using the internet.

I personally think you should take notice of Children's Internet Safety

Any parent or caregiver knows that children are spending more time online and at younger ages. With newer and increasingly popular smart phones, Internet access is easier than ever. Children can be more vulnerable to scams and sophisticated online marketing, and are sharing more personal information on social networking sites. The best advice for parents and caregivers is to talk to children about Internet safety and stay aware of what children are doing online.

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