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I would say that I have had my fair share of successes and failures. I have made many mistakes along the way, but seldom the same one twice.

So I can view my life overall either in a good light or a bad one. It is my choice.

Obviously I can dwell on certain parts especially if they are negative and allow them to gain an in proportionate influence on my behaviours or actions.

I could justify the way I am on an unhappy or damaged childhood or that I had missing parent/s. I could even blame my genes and say that nature and nurture are both to blame. But it is my choice, just as it is yours.

If I had a religious upbringing I could obviously blame that on any shortcomings that I now feel I am the victim of, or a lack of one. In a nutshell any negative environment is easy target for all the ills that may befall me or prevent me from being happy or successful; it is, as I have said above, my choice.

People who don’t know who they are and what they are worth to themselves seldom achieve inner peace. They are easier to persuade to follow other people’s agendas and can be prone to aggression and bouts of shyness and mood swings. But it is still their choice. They can be allowed to side step responsibility and people in general will always take the route of least resistance; no one likes hard work even if it does offer bigger gains. It is part of being human and makes every day a challenge.

At the end of the day we all make mistakes and as the old saying goes; if you have never made a mistake then you have never made anything.

I have made them and peppered on either side you will find successes. I’m proud of the good things I have done, even if at first sight they are born from the seed of failure. Why? Because I am happy that ultimately I made the right choices and achieved something positive in the end. I have kept the faith in the one thing that most other people never seem to realize the value of, myself.

In my few short years on the planet I have worked in various roles in various companies, and in various countries and I have always achieved the same goal. By using the same philosophies and methods and a large dose of stubbornness I manage to transform how people feel about themselves and how they live and work, and it doesn’t really matter what qualifications or who or where I have worked. It depends on how approachable I am and how I am able to share a vision of success to those I meet. By being natural and instinctive and by not being shallow or fake I force people to ask questions and to reevaluate their sometimes unhelpful perceptions of who they are, what they are worth and try and help them lose any Cognitive Distortions that they have picked up along the way.

I don’t do it on purpose I don’t have any set agendas I am just me, warts and all.

I have always tried to be honest and up front so I retain my integrity and I’ve found that I show some naivety, in my experience never a bad thing to have a little.

Whether you will see the good or the bad, or whether you obtain any inspiration from someone that is only after one thing; to help people achieve a balance. I have proved that I have the skills to make my life happier, i can do the same for you.

One last thing; If I touch on a subject that piques your curiosity then please email me as it isn't always practical to reply to your comments on here.

So if you have left a comment and i have not replied then it isn't because i am ignoring you.

As I said at the start it is your choice.

Keep smiling.



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