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Handle: mistakenidentity
Address: Birmingham AL.
Town/City: Birmingham
Country: USA
Expert Ranking: 2444  Member has an expert rating of 2000+   
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Areas of Expertise: Auto Diagnostics
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Former Communications Chief for 20 years. Former lineman, towerman, fiber optic splicer, HFC Splicer, satellite and microwave communications. Disabled, injuries, surgery, since 1996 from years of climbing tall structures, falling large boulders and one bad driver who nearly killed me in 2002. Married to a good round-eyed country girl for over 28 years, father of a lovely 28 year old daughter,(reminds me of Marilyn Monroe) and Grandfather of stubborn 9 year old grandson. I'm now 4x yrs old. Raised Chows since 1986 and currently have 2 German Shepherds. As a musician I played guitar and bass for several bands since about 1980.I occasionally ride my Low Rider when I'm able to actually climb on it and terrorize my neighbors.

I support the legal ownership of firearms for competent, responsible people who want to safely use them. I have many years of life and work experience as a Chief Technician, Plant Manager, Project Manager, Technical Manager, Computer Tech. I am an American, father, husband, biker, brother, uncle, grandfather, son, lifelong friend, musician, tech trainer, dog lover, former heavy equipment owner/operator, aerial and underground communications construction, NSEC, electronics, safety trainer, problem solver, peacekeeper, and plain old lateral thinking to name a few..

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