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1 am 14 years old and I am going to be stage of puberty. In my family I has two older sisters including parents. We would live in a small town of Orrisa in east India. For last one months I has a itching in my thighs and near my genitals, so I would itching many times, but after some days it was spread near my genitals, and due to this I felt sensetation in there so I was itching my there. Many a time my sisters saw that I was rubbing and itching, even some time in front them due to itching. One day they complained to my mom about this, and mom warned me to not do so. I told him that I was not doing all this deliberately. Next day mom saw this again that I was itching in my privates. Mom got angry and said that in evening, she would took me to doctor for treatment. At evening my mom and both sister were going to local market so mom called me to come with her so she could took me to doctor. The town was very small and there were not good doctors in town. Mom used to go a doctor whom I did not like because he did not have any medical degree and he also do same chant and magic to cure patients but I could not said to them, as he was favorite doctor of my mom. When we reached to doctor, there were other peoples mostly women’s and children’s. Mom told him about that for few weeks I am itching my genitals. The doctor asked me to remove my clothes for check for any disease. I pulled down my pants, but I did not want to strip completely in front of mom and sisters and there was not any curtain in that clinic, so I complained to doctor that you should have curtain in your clinic and a separate room for, but while I was saying this to him suddenly doctor pulled down my undergarments up to my knees, and exposed my genitals to everyone’s. I was so shocked at what the doctor did, but he was not seemed worried, he pushed me to a bench, he made me lied on that bench and he took-off my underwear by pulling it out and he held my legs and spread it apart for watching for any disease. He did this all so quickly that I was completely baffled and feared. After checking he told my mom that I had not any disease. Even not any sign of itching, and either I was doing this deliberately or some bad spirits are troubling me. Hearing this from doctor mom got angry and her face turned red. than suddenly doctor said to mom, you need not to bother, he would be going to give a such treatment that I would become fine very soon. By saying this he took some water from a pot, and a assistant of him had held my both hands behind. He poured some water on my penis and started chanting some words, suddenly he grabbed my penis in his hand and yanked it brutally. He again poured some water on it and again yanked it. He did to me many time and it was causing pain but one of his assistant had held my hands until last. After that he left me and gave some water. When I came out from clinic my face was burning red due to embarrassment and humiliation, and it was causing extreme pain in my penis it was not only paining but also burning there. Whole way back to home from clinic my sisters were teasing me by asking me, how is your penis? Is it itching? Or is it feeling pain? Since when I came from clinic I am feeling continuous pain and burning. Since I came back from that quack clinic my sister frequently humilating me by saying how brutally he molested my genitals infront of all of them. If I do protest them or do any dispute with them my sisters uded to say that they will call the quack in home for again my retreatment and again my genitals will be mercilessly pulled and yank by him as he did at his clinic. I am very tense with all that happend What should I do ?

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