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Ms vicky white
I am a 47 year old woman with very little sexual experience. I have been essentially a loner all my life but always with one or two people that I could call friends. I have zero libido for the most part. I am heterosexual, or more like asexual. My best friend is a gay guy and I'm attracted to gay men. My female friends are few, but I always have at least one female friend in my life. The female friends that I have I become very obsessed with, and want them around me alot, spending the night, talking, watching movies, shopping. I am no way attracted to them though. I have never been married, no boyfriend, no children. My question is. Is something wrong with me? I am of average appearance and was considered cute when I was younger, but always thought I was ugly. Why do I not have a sexual libido, is there any medication that I could take to increase my libido? My 17 year old cousin has more experience than I do. Sorry this is drawn out, but I wanted to make sure of all the details.

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