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Is it possible to have a female sterilisation reversed in order to conceive?

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It is possible, but the chances of success tend to be low. Most (surgical) sterilizations are intended to be permanent and most patients are cautioned prior that reversal is unlikely.

That said, it is possible, depending on the nature of the sterilization method and damage done.
Mr Craig Brownell    Member has an expert rating of 5000+   Quote & Reply

hi I had my tubes clamped 5 years ago, due to having then clamped I had nothing but problems with my periods, weeks early weeks late. Very bad pain. So I went to my local doctor and told him of all the things that were happening, when I get a period it was like I just had surgery. So he booked me in to the hospital public. They removed the clamps. Now nearly 2 years has gone past. and we have been trying to have a baby, My last period was on the 1st Feb 09 which I was suppose to get it on the 3rd but my periods always come like 3 days early. Any way which I thought it was my period it was brown discharge. Which there was hardly anything on it, and it was like that for 3 days. I went to the doctor and told her and which I did do a pregnancy test and it came back negative. She said to have a blood test which came back negative. She said that it is too early to tell but with the spotting of brown discharge that it is pregnancy. I still haven't got my period now being the 18th Feb 09. I have got all the pregnancy symptoms my boobs are tender and lumps on the inside, and are sore, my belly is getting bigger and going the the toilet way more often than usual. Feel dizzy and light headed, I do feel pregnant she said to act pregnant until your next period. I hope this helps.

Mrs Tania harrison    Quote & Reply
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