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One should feel that religion is more needed these days than in the bygone days. To address the question here, we must ask what the role of religion is. Religion is the expression of the relationship of the humans to the Creator. For one who believes in God, religion is as relevant today as at any time in history. To those who do not believe in God, religion has no meaningful role either now or in the past. What makes these days so drastically different from the past is the modern amenities available today that were not there in the past. But this has nothing to do with one's beliefs or one's relationship to God. Personally I feel strongly that we are lagging far behind in our spiritual progress compared to the material progress. This unbalanced evolution is the cause of many evils of today. In a sense everyone in the world today strongly serve a god. The only question is who that god is? For most people, that god is money and their religion is capitalism. There are however quite a large percentage of people who serve the True Living God, the Creator.

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