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No scientist including Hawkins can have any 'theories' to point out science and religion cannot go together; only views. Studies in modern cosmology, especially the concept of dark energy as well as in biology, especially in genomics point to the fact that science alone cannot explain to us the mysteries of this universe, of life and of human life in particular. On the other hand religion alone cannot do as well. For proper knowledge science and religion must go hand in hand. These two are not contradictory but complementary. Findings in modern science and the failure to get at a "theory of everything' for which the scientists had been trying for almost 100 years now should show to any of us that science does not have all the answers. As one cosmologist pointed out recently, 'the search for a theory of everything took us to an understanding of 'nothing'. 'Nothing' mentioned here is the vacuum state - an infinite ocean of energy , from which all matter of the universe came to be. Today it seems that physics leads us to metaphysics, cosmology to theology, and religion to science. But a major problem facing scientists is that even if they are convinced of the role of the Creator in creation, they cannot mention it as then science becomes religion and there will be no more funding for further research in that field.

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