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Reading the gospel passages with the teachings of Jesus (eg. Mat. 5, 6, 7) and living according to his teaching would be great. Love every one; help the needy, be compassionate, do not judge, forgive those who hurt you - these summarize his teachings. Sharing what you have is the best way of becoming richer and happier. Try and develop a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus as your friend. In this simplyexplained site you click on the word view all articles on the right hand side. Many of my (Joseph Vempeny) articles on spiritual life will be there. Read these and try to practice the values there. Try and get inspirational reading like the one below: Jesus and I The relationship between Jesus and me is interesting in it that it takes different forms at different times. Often he is the good shepherd and I am the lamb. Haven't you seen the picture where he carries me close to his heart? If I am walking by his side, I see him holding another lamb lovingly. You know who that lamb is? It is none other than you yourself. Sometimes Jesus is a small baby in the manger and I am an elder child who goes to carry him around singing nursery rhymes making him smile in his sweet way. But our roles keep changing and often I would be a small child and he, my big brother taking me around to show me places. Whatever our respective roles, we will always be together because he is Emmanuel; he is God with us. I often fall down while playing with this and that or wildly running around and each time he lifts me up. Often I go to him suffering from blindness of ignorance or paralyzed by fear or other worse maladies of the spirit and he always heals me lovingly by forgiving me. Now he is the gentle teacher, patiently explaining to me how the path of love through forgiveness and reconciliation will lead all of us straight to the home of our Father. But what is most touching is that he got hurt and injured trying to protect me from evil and then finally he gave up his own life to give me life. He is my savior, teacher, friend, and brother; know he is everything to me and to you. Personal prayer is very important. I believe that God will guide you along the right path and take you to great spiritual heights.

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